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The Crayola Clan began as a Quake clan in 1997, but went on to play competitively in QuakeWorld, Quake 2, Quake 3: Arena, and Return to Castle Wolfenstein. They were one of the longest-lasting and most successful clans in early Internet gaming history (we're a little biased of course, but we were certainly better than, say, the Fragaholics :).

The Crayola Clan was known for their casual organization and sportsmanlike conduct, which both helped and hindered their gaming. They lacked the politics and bureacracy of other, shorter-lived clans, but they also lacked the determination to work hard practicing strategies that might have helped them win more. Oh well. :)

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  • I went on IRC the other day (, #crayola) but nobody was there.
  • Red found the Wiki and is impressed!

The History Of The Crayola Clan

Goals For This Document

  • Improve the grammar of the text. Third person voice, get rid of first person.
  • What's everyone doing/playing now?
  • Where is Turq working now?
  • Is Yellow still playing in LoT? Do they have a webpage?
  • Is anyone else playing in any other clans?
  • Does anyone have screenshots of Turq's crayon models for Q2??
  • What was WA's match record while Crayola played Tribes with them??
  • Is Orange still dying in the flag room on Q2CTF2?
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