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The Formation Of The Crayola Clan

Note: The edit password is "crayola." It's only there to reduce spam.

Under Saint Stephen's leadership (or lack thereof), the Ungrateful Dead clan very quickly grew into a cumbersome organization. Weekly "meetings" were held on IRC, but there was little substance to them. Often they involved voting to recruit new members, but there was little consideration given to the prospective recruit's playing ability, and there were no discussions of team strategy, something that Crayola players were very interested in. Most frustrating to the core members of Crayola Clan, there were problems getting matches scheduled, and there were problems putting together cohesive teams. Infector, Salamander, Str|ke, Cambion and Angel began having ICQ chats outside of IRC (back when ICQ was first released) to commiserate about the leadership of UD.

Eventually, Cambion and Angel (and Argon, reportedly) secretely came up with an idea for a theme-oriented clan of crayons, where each member would be named after a color. One day while the rest of Ungrateful Dead were unsuspectingly playing on the Nachos server, two new players named ]CC[-Gold and ]CC[-Green joined the game and began smurfing before smurfing was even a term. Salamander and Str|ke (I think) were playing on the server, and immediately saw these two characters (who spouted such phrases as "eat my wax" and "my crayon is large" after every kill) as formidable opponents. Salamander considered himself to be pretty good at Quake so he was understandably frustrated about getting fragged repeatedly by these two obnoxious strangers. Saint Stephen, also on the server, grew irritated as well and threatened to kick them off.

Cambion and Angel later revealed that they were, in fact, the mysterious Gold and Green, and the Crayola Clan officially formed in January 1997. Cambion, Angel, Strike, Overkill, and Gordhead left Ungrateful Dead immediately to became the first five in Crayola Clan: Gold, Green, Yellow, White?, and BlueSky?. (Gordhead was best known for playing a record 8 straight hours of Quake on the Nachos server.) Salamander and Infector also joined as UltrViolet and Turquoise, but because they were still involved in the 2v2 Kings of Capture tournament, decided to continue playing with Ungrateful Dead. Around this time, Salamander also took on the rather stressful task of organizing matches for Ungrateful Dead, which was not particularly fun since all the best players had left for Crayola. Eventually, after the collapse of the Kings of Capture tournament, Infector and then Salamander quit Ungrateful Dead and went to Crayola "full time."

Overkill, the original White, left Crayola Clan early and went on to other things (he was young and foolish) before Crayola even played a match. Honestly I don't remember why.

Some time later, Crayola discussed recruiting Gash from Ungrateful Dead, but I don't remember if we ever asked him or if he turned us down. We may have also discussed recruiting RocketRich, another well-liked player from Nachos, but I don't remember exactly.

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