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Crayola Clan's First Matches

Note: The edit password is "crayola." It's only there to reduce spam.

When Crayola Clan first formed, there was much speculation on Nachos about who the mysterious new crayons were, and what their "real" names were. (Post?, in particular, always seemed obsessed with that. :) Rumors abounded about a mythical "Black" crayon, but he didn't show himself until years later?.

Crayola Clan played its first "official" match against Clan Flag!, a well-respected Quake clan at the time, in March 1997. Crayola lost all 3 maps, E1M1, E2M2, and E2M5, though they arguably got better over the course of the match. Green, Yellow, BlueSky, Turquoise, and UltrViolet played in those games. At the time, Clan Flag! was one of the best around, and while the result was disappointing, Crayola showed many sparks of competitiveness. (UltrViolet's most memorable moment was axing the enemy flag carrier to death near the end of E2M5, returning the flag and allowing a Crayola capture.)


Demos (ie. recordings) of the matches are archived, but I have no earthly idea how to turn them into anything presentable. Someday it would be nice to preserve them as AVIs or something.

BlueSky? reminisces on IRC about the Flag! match:

 <]CC[-Blue> yes I was in UD and yes I did play in that first match vs flag
 <]CC[-Blue> I remember Turq was the only one of us that did worth a damn
 <]CC[-Blue> and all of those lpb flag guys were just kicking our asses
 <]CC[-Blue> uv I thought you had some screenshots or something from that first flag match
 <]CC[-Blue> I remember one of those guys had like 110 frags and turq had like 30
 <]CC[-Blue> and I believe I had something like 12

Crayola's second match was sort of a grudge match against the remaining members of Ungrateful Dead. (There was a lot animosity between the two clans after the spinoff.) Turquoise and UltrViolet sat out of the match to avoid conflicts of interest because they were still technically members of Ungrateful Dead at the time. Crayola still gave UD a sound thumping, which was pretty gratifying for all involved (at least on the CC side).

Red? grumbles about the CC vs. UD match:

 <]CC[-Red> I was in that match as UD
 <]CC[-Red> and there was quite a big arguement over it too
 <]CC[-Red> cause IT WASNT A MATCH:) it was a scrimmage!
 <]CC[-Red> damnit
 <]CC[-Red> but CC (esp yellow) kept insisting it was a match
 <]CC[-Red> so I gave yo
 <]CC[-Red> up even

(By today's standards, both the Flag! and UD matches would probably be classified as "scrimmages," but back then the definition of a "match" was very loose.)

By our accounting, Crayola compiled a 9-9 record in NetQuake as we struggled to find our form. We routinely suffered humiliating losses to Gunslingers, Flag!, and EQ.

During this time, Crayola asked Post and Riker from Ungrateful Dead to join. They selected Red and Brown as their names. This began the time-honored tradition of being very selective about who joined the clan. (This was partially a reaction to Ungrateful Dead's rather open policy on new recruits. Also, the idea was to keep the core playing group small so that they would naturally play better together. Plus, we didn't want any dorks in our clan. :) At the time, it was considered an honor to be "chosen" to join Crayola Clan.

At one point, Ermac from clan Flag! (one the best modem players around) played in a couple of matches under the name of White. He didn't stay very long though.

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