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Note: The edit password is "crayola." It's only there to reduce spam.

Gold, Green, and Silver are longtime real-life friends. Gold and Green currently work together at Vonage; I don't know about Silver.

Ungrateful Dead LAN Party

Some of the future Crayola Clan met in person for the first time at an Ungrateful Dead LAN Party in Northern Virginia. Specifically, Cambion, Angel, Salamander, and Riker were there. I think it was held at Cambion's house.

The First CC LAN Party

Crayola had its first LAN Party sometime in the QuakeWorld era. Blue flew in from Colorado and Turquoise flew in from Texas. Everyone was there! Well, except Yellow. Questions began to arise about whether Yellow was a hot babe in disguise.

Under duress, I must mention that we all had dinner at some steak place and UV ordered a Big Salad. So there.

The Second CC LAN Party

Crayola held it's second LAN party soon after Quake 2 was released. Blue once again flew out from Colorado to join us. Yellow was conspicuously absent again...

The Third CC LAN Party (with clan ISB)

Toward the end of the Quake 2 days Crayola had a third LAN Party, with Clan ISB. Guess what? Yellow wasn't there. Turq's crayon models that he made for us were a big hit with the ISB crowd. Someone actually remembered to bring a camera this time, so Red took some pictures. He got some great shots of the backs of everyone's head.

Seated in this picture (from front to back) are Copper, Brown, Green, UV, Silver, and Orange

(Wait, were there really three CC LAN parties? My memory blows.)

Notable life changes

  • I think sometime in 1997 or 1998, Blue's wife (who was sometimes referred to as Pink) gave birth to twins (a boy and a girl).
  • Green married his long-time girlfriend on October 7, 1999, joining Blue and Silver in the ranks of married crayons.
  • UltrViolet got married on May 5, 2002, joining Green, Blue, and Silver in married life.
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