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Crayola Clan - Where Are They Now?

Note: The edit password is "crayola." It's only there to reduce spam.

If any Crayola folks read this, tell me where you are now or fill it in yourself. :)

CrayonLast SeenYear
BlueSkyThis is nuts....seriously 18 years ago +....anyway still live in CO2014
BrownPlaying Quake 4.2006
GoldBetween games. Waiting for Cataclysm (and Gears3 of course, hurry up Turq! hehe) Back in Northern Virginia.2010
GreenPlaying WoW. Back in Northern Virginia.2010
Orangelooking for yellow, chestnut, and coletta@gmail.com2015
RedIn comments.2009
TurquoiseCreating artwork for Epic's Gears of War 3. Hey guys :)2010
UltrVioletMostly playing whatever the newest MMORPG is. http://endgameviable.com2015
White (Ermac)Playing whatever is fun, #hka 
White (Overkill)  
YellowPlaying World of Warcraft.2007

Slowly finding demos and uploading them to youtube. If you have any, let me know and I can get them published: (Orange)

Clan Tull was here. (We beat you :)) Febuary 22, 2010

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