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From Doom To Quake

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By UltrViolet

I had been a pretty avid player of Doom and Doom 2, so when the much-hyped Quake was released on June 22, 1996, I anxiously downloaded the shareware version and played it. It was fun, but honestly I was not terribly impressed.

It was not until later when my brother and I played a game together over a LAN at his house that I realized how much fun it was to play multiplayer. And then I found out you could play over the Internet! When I got back home I started playing Quake in Internet games and found myself quite hooked. I selected the alias of Salamander, which was a name I had used in a BBS space conquest game years and years before.

After playing on the Internet a few days, I realized that I needed to change my keyboard configuration so I started using mouselook and sidestep keys (I never used those in single player). Later when I started playing CTF I changed my keyboard configuration again to use the SDF keys for movement, and this configuration is what I still use to this day for games.

Playing on deathmatch servers, I started to recognize the name of another player called Infector, and I always found it frustrating to play against him because he was just so freakin good. I remember I was playing on id's server one time, beating everyone handily and feeling pretty good about myself, and then this Infector guy joined and promptly beat the crap out of me. I always tried really hard to beat him but I hardly ever did hehe. If I ever ended up with a higher score than him, I would always take a screenshot of it. :)

I would be remiss if I did not point out that Infector, who lived in Texas at the time, almost always had a better ping than I did, because id Software's server was also located in Texas. Yes, that is a feeble excuse.

Salamander playing QuakeWorld, December 18, 1996, shortly after its release.
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