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Ultima Online

Note: The edit password is "crayola." It's only there to reduce spam.

Released: September 25, 1997.

When Ultima Online was released, most of the Crayola Clan played it nearly every moment they weren't playing Quake. (Red?, Brown? and Copper? didn't like the game very much, though.) Through crafting and dungeon exploration, Crayola players collectively put together enough (legitimate) gold to buy a small castle, which was situated on the southern penninsula near the Honor shrine, south of Trinsic.

One trick we used: We used to increase character skills by leaving our characters logged into the game running macros over and over. We'd tape the function keys down on the keyboard and leave to go to work or sleep. :)

After buying the castle, Crayola stopped playing as much because there really wasn't much else to do in the game besides accumulate wealth. Eventually, Crayola stopped playing altogether when a dupe cheat was discovered that allowed anyone to manufacture unlimited gold for themselves, which completely ruined any fun left in the game.

UltrViolet's account was actually banned when another player stumbled across a number of checkerboards stacked on his front porch and alerted the authorities. (It was commonly known that checkerboards could be used to exploit a bug in the game to create huge sums of gold.) The investigators found that UV did, in fact, have inexplicably enormous sums of gold and banned his account. UV entered the game again under a new account, but didn't play very long after that.

Yellow played under the name "Lanfear," UV played under the name "Lefty's Cousin." Crayola frequented the towns of Vesper and Trinsic, and usually forayed to the Deceit dungeon for loot.

During the UO days, Crayola developed quite a reputation as idlers on IRC.

Trivia: When Yellow didn't show up at a LAN party, we found him playing Ultima Online. He said something about his car breaking down halfway to northern VA. We didn't buy it for a second.

Note: I got the screenshot above from some random web site, it does not reflect actual Crayola gameplay. However I'm sure I recognize the establishment shown as a favorite place where we performed tailoring.

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