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Note: The edit password is "crayola." It's only there to reduce spam.

UltrViolet is a software developer working in Virginia.

UltrViolet still favors PC games. He used to have a Playstation, but it was stolen, and he has not owned any other console since.


Salamander, Blimpy, Wang Chung, Aldo Nova, Chung King.


UltrViolet's name was originally suggested by Gold's girlfriend.

The name was truncated because in the original Quake, the screen name was limited to 15 characters, so, with the addition of our "]CC[" clan moniker, the name was exactly one letter too long, so the "a" was dropped:

Later versions of Quake allowed longer names, but the name just didn't look right with the "a" in it so I never put it back. (I've never seen an Ultraviolet colored crayon, by the way, even though I swear that color used to be in the pack.)

Keyboard Config

This is only here because I wanted to document it somewhere and this wiki is the easiest place to create a table. This configuration was most recently created for Call of Duty 4.

Keyboard config:

TAB=ScoreQ=UseW=Lean LeftE=ForwardR=Lean RightT=ReloadY

Mouse config:

 MouseWheel Up=Iron Sights 
 MouseWheel Down=Prone 
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