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Starsiege: Tribes

Note: The edit password is "crayola." It's only there to reduce spam.

Released: Late 1998? WA Match Record: ?

Tribes was released in 1998, and Crayola quickly jumped on board, most likely due to our boredom with playing the same CTF maps in Quake 2 all the time. Tribes gameplay was very different from Quake 2 in that the maps were huge outdoor terrains, and you could fly around in jetpacks and vehicles. Because of the huge open spaces, games required large numbers of people, too: Usually a minimum of 8 people were needed on a team for a decent game.

This presented a problem because Crayola typically didn't have enough people online at any given time to play Tribes matches, so we pseudo-joined Western Alliance (WA) and played under their name. Gold, Green, and Yellow in particular were key players with WA, and a major reason why WA was consistently ranked very high in the Tribes gaming world. Western Alliance players were named after cities: Gold was known as "Washington, DC," Green was "Reston, VA," and Yellow was "Charlotte, NC." (Yellow was one of the first to harness the deadly potential of the chaingun in Tribes, and came to be nicknamed "Chaingun, NC.")

A post on by Yellow indicates we did actually play (and win) at least one Tribes game under the name "Crayola Clan," against Jedi Masters around March 27, 1999, though I personally don't remember it.

If memory serves, there were political issues about the way WA was run that Gold, Green, and Yellow frequently complained about in IRC, not unlike the old Ungrateful Dead days.

UltrViolet wrote a very simple HUD for Tribes, shown at right, which displayed flag status for both teams and some statistics. "UV-HUD is a client-side script that adds a sometimes useful flag status and kill statistics HUD to your screen. Mostly it's just a neat toy that eats up your CPU cycles while you play." It is dated March 1999, which suggests Tribes was released later in 1998. It was useful for a little while, but it was soon replaced by other, much more sophisticated HUDs from other developers.

Yellow apparently also played for the clans z2 and United States Rangers (source).

Here are some YouTube videos I found showing Tribes matches in action, in case you've forgotten what it was like:

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