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Quake 3: Arena

Note: The edit password is "crayola." It's only there to reduce spam.

Released: December 9, 1999. Match record: 11-3.

UV's one amazing flag run in his otherwise completely
forgettable Quake3 career.

We waited two whole years for Quake 3, during which time we played the same four CTF maps over and over and over again in Quake 2. Some match burnout had set in. :) Because of our failing interest in the competitive gaming scene, we recruited AquaMarine, Black, and Chestnut as new members to bolster our ranks.

We didn't end up playing very much Quake 3, though, because we felt the game sucked and everyone cheated like bastards anyway. (Well, maybe not everyone, but it sure seemed like it.) "Cheats" (aiming bots, radars, timers, etc.) were readily available to anyone that wanted them and they were usually not detectable. Crayola sparked controversy by pulling out of a high-profile tournament with cash prizes, because there was no policy to deal with cheats. It was around this time that the Punkbuster anti-cheating system came into being to deal with online cheating.

It is entirely possible that some of our members' obsession with Asheron's Call also contributed to the lack of Quake 3 participation. :)

One other factor may have been that Quake 3 gameplay was considerably faster than Quake 2. Some of Crayola had grown tired of the insanely fast-paced "twitch" factor of matches at the end of the QuakeWorld days, and weren't terribly anxious to return to those days.

Despite all that, mainly Black, Blue, Red, Orange, and Yellow bravely compiled an 11-3 record. Rumor has it, though, that toward the end they lost a bunch of matches and didn't record them on the web page. :)

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