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Asheron's Call

Note: The edit password is "crayola." It's only there to reduce spam.

Released: October 31, 1999.

A portrait of UV's character Violet standing in Hebian-To, April 12, 2000,
near the end of his playing time. Note the total playing time reads
17d, 11h, 26m, 22s. It's a little embarassing.

A number of Crayola Clan members played in the Asheron's Call (AC) beta and retail. Gold, Green, Yellow, and UltrViolet in particular played it practically non-stop. BlueSky? also participated. Red? and Orange hated the game. :) The open beta period for Asheron's Call began in the summer of 1999, and the retail version was released October 31.

AC had a kind of feudal pyramid scheme, where players could "swear allegiance" to a higher-level player and receive goods and services in exchange for experience points. Green and Gold's characters took advantage of the system and became lords in a large heiarchy. Yellow and UltrViolet preferred to stay away from the politics and beauracracy of allegiances and stuck to more solo-oriented adventuring (though I think Yellow was involved in some random allegiance or another).

Gameplay basically involved stocking up on supplies in town, then going out to a wilderness area where there were monsters you could kill (this was sometimes called "hunting"). Then you stayed in the wilderness killing monsters, collecting experience points, and picking up monster loot until you couldn't carry any more (your character ran slower the more weight you carried). Then you would return to town, sell the loot, and repeat the cycle. Alternately, you could go to an area where there was known to be a chest that periodically spawned mad loot and stand there (this was called "camping chests," or something like that).

Crayola spent countless hours in the Asheron's Call world, killing Lugiens and camping at chests to gain mad loot.

The EverQuest phenomenon of selling characters and equipment on Ebay was also popular in Asheron's Call. Yellow tried to sell his character Xenon but I don't remember if anyone bought it.

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