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Released: June 22, 1996. Match Record: 9-9.

Crayola Clan played its first "official" match against Clan Flag!, a well-respected clan at the time, in March 1997. Crayola lost all 3 maps, E1M1, E2M2, and E2M5, though they arguably got better over time. Green, Yellow, BlueSky, Turquoise, and UltrViolet played in those games. At the time, Clan Flag! was one of the best around, and while the result was disappointing, Crayola showed many sparks of competitiveness.

By our accounting, Crayola compiled a 9-9 record in NetQuake as we struggled to find our form. We routinely suffered humiliating losses to Gunslingers, Flag!, and EQ. For a short time, we tried to play both NetQuake and QuakeWorld matches, but we soon realized that the playing mechanics were different enough that we had to pick one or the other, so we stopped playing NetQuake matches. It turned out to be a good move because we played some of our best matches in QuakeWorld.

During this time, Crayola asked Post and Riker from Ungrateful Dead to join. They selected Red? and Brown? as their colors.

At one point, Ermac from clan Flag! (one the best modem players around) played in a couple of matches (one HPB match against clan Knightmare, I think) under the name of White. He didn't stay very long though.

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