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Released: December, 1996. Match record: 31-4.

Turquoise created the logo at right for us when we started playing QuakeWorld.

QuakeWorld was initially released in December, 1996, but according to an old copy of the Crayola Clan web site, it was not until August 1997 that we started playing QuakeWorld competitively.

Crayola played a lot of QuakeWorld and won a lot of matches. At the time we retired to play Quake 2, we were ranked #2 behind our arch-nemesis Dog Pound, in a ranking system that ranked clans that participated in major tournaments and leagues. We would find ourselves in the #2 spot quite frequently over our history. We compiled a 31-4 record altogether in match play. We suffered a frustrating loss to Burning Chrome in a QWHPCL league match, a controversial (to us, anyway) loss to Western Alliance in an ICR2 league match, an embarassing loss to CMD in the first round of the ICR2 playoffs, and a close loss to Death Clownz in a Shredfest league match.

Red? and Yellow recall the Burning Chrome match, played on a laggy server on the west coast.

 <]CC[-Red> ug that BC match SUCKED ASS
 <Yellow> i was so pissed having to sit that one out :/
 <]CC[-Red> I did so horrible in that match
 <Yellow> i remember hating all of em after that
 <Yellow> until we smacked em down in the rematch :)
 <]CC[-Red> all I did was go up the water hole in ctf1 and discharge.
 <]CC[-Red> we had to play on their gimpy server too
 <]CC[-Red> I lost that match for us, BTW

After impressing us with his skill at Rocket Arena, Slothboy joined Crayola with the name of Copper?. And somewhere in there Argon officially joined and chose the name of Silver?.

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