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Note: The edit password is "crayola." It's only there to reduce spam.

The real Crayola Clan has returned to its rightful position on Since we aren't exactly an active clan, all you'll see there for now is this history.

Quake 4 is out! I installed it last night, but I can't run it on my pitiful 2-year-old computer.

In other news, I actually chatted a bit with Red and Orange last night on IRC. It was sort of fun. I haven't been there for ages. Unfortunately, nobody is ever there.

Anyway, Orange reported having just beaten F.E.A.R. and that Battlefield 2 "was sweet for a while." [Editorial comment: Boycott EA Games!] Red reported he hasn't played much since Wolfenstein, although he did mention Halo. He's got one of them new-fangled Xbox thingys too.

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Page last modified on September 16, 2006, at 05:50 PM