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Note: The edit password is "crayola." It's only there to reduce spam.

Released: December 6, 1997. Match Record: 65-15.

We played Quake 2 most of 1998 and 1999. Some of us liked the slower pace of Quake 2 right away, others hated it. It was a slow transition from QuakeWorld but we eventually made it. We continued our winning ways for a while and then fell into a slump, undoubtedly due to the extreme boredom from playing the same CTF maps over and over and over again.

Eggfuzz was asked to join when our interest in Quake 2 was flagging and we needed a "spark." He chose the name Orange. Orange was particularly good at dying in the enemy's flag room on CTF2.

Here is Red's private IRC message to Eggfuzz that we were looking for a new member:

 <]CC[-Red> BTW
 <VD-EggFuzZ> ?
 <]CC[-Red> Crayola MAYBE looking for a new member.. know anyone?
 <VD-EggFuzZ> eh?
 <VD-EggFuzZ> really?
 <]CC[-Red> know anyone who maybe intrested?
 <VD-EggFuzZ> maybe..
 <]CC[-Red> its still a maybe..
 <VD-EggFuzZ> yeah i see
 <]CC[-Red> ok, thats all I wanted to know:)
 <]CC[-Red> carry on:)
 <VD-EggFuzZ> :) hehe
 <VD-EggFuzZ> we'll see ;)
 <]CC[-Red> :)

We found a new arch-nemesis in the TULL Clan during the Quake 2 days. We fondly (kind of) nicknamed them The Grapple Monkeys, for their skill in using the grappling hook to evade enemies. In the Q2ICR league playoffs, we defeated Tull in the finals of the winners bracket. The playoffs were a double-elimination format, meaning you had to lose twice to be eliminated, so Tull then fell down to the "losers" bracket. Crayola sat atop the "winners" bracket awaiting the winner of the losers bracket, and Tull ended up victorious. So we met again in the true finals. We lost 2 maps out of 3, in a very very close match that was lost in the final minutes by a single flag capture. Because one of us had to lose TWICE to be eliminated from the tournament, we had to play them AGAIN to determine the final victor of the Q2ICR season. Between the first and second matches, we played Tull three times in other leagues and tournaments, losing two of them. Expectations and tensions were high throughout the gaming community when we played the final Q2ICR match. We won the first map, lost the second by a nose, and collapsed on the third map to hand Tull the victory. We ended up in second place.

Turquoise created a Q2 crayon player model for us, which ruled. Not only did it help distinguish our team from the other team, but it was funny as hell to watch giant crayons running around fragging people.

Our record in Quake 2 was 65-15. Amazing that we played so many matches on the same four freakin maps.

Crayola even hosted their own tournament, the WaxFest. I can't remember who won. :) It turned out to be a bit of a disaster as we didn't realize how much work was involved in organizing all the clans and matches of a tournament, but somehow we got through it. (We did not play in it.)

Around this time, Turquoise began his career as an artist in the game industry. He had long been interested in the field, and went to work for Rogue Entertainment. His first project was the game Alice.

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