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Note: The edit password is "crayola." It's only there to reduce spam.

I just got a copy of Half-Life 2 last night, and, after the roughly 7-hour installation process, got a glimpse of it. It's pretty damn cool. I don't have a clue what Crayola will be doing with it, if anything. I haven't been on IRC very much and even when I am Red and Orange are about the only ones there.

Doom 3 came out a few months back I think. As far as I know, nobody in Crayola gives a damn about it hehe. I for one haven't seen it.

The "other" Crayola Clan, otherwise known as, That Bastard Imposter Clan, has taken over I am not providing a link because I don't want to assist their Google ranking in any way.

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Page last modified on September 16, 2006, at 05:49 PM