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October 25, 2005 Domain And Quake 4

I reserved the domain name again, since it had expired. Since we aren't exactly an active clan, all you'll see there for now is the history.

Quake 4 is out! I installed it last night, but I can't run it on my pitiful 2-year-old computer. In other news, I chatted a bit with Red and Orange last night on IRC. It was sort of fun. I haven't been there for ages. Unfortunately, nobody is ever there.

Anyway, Orange reported having just beaten F.E.A.R. and that Battlefield 2 "was sweet for a while." [Editorial comment: Boycott EA Games!] Red reported he hasn't played much since Wolfenstein, although he did mention Halo. He's got one of them new-fangled Xbox thingys too.


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