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Baldur's Gate

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Released: December, 1998.

Baldur's Gate, released just days before Christmas, promised fantastic co-operative gameplay. Since we were such big fans of Ultima Online, we were collectively excited about the possibilities the game offered.

Unfortunately, we were disappointed with the game. There were several issues with the coop gameplay that made it tedious to play (particularly shopping), and there were no anti-cheating mechanisms, so it was incredibly easy to dupe gold for unlimited wealth--too easy to avoid temptation, as it turned out. Crayola spent a little time playing some coop games, but eventually most of us found it more satisfying to play individually offline.

UltrViolet remembers:

I remember that I pre-ordered Baldur's Gate so that it would arrive before Christmas, but it actually didn't arrive until well after Christmas. It was the year of the big Christmas ice storm here in Richmond. I remember actually thinking that a Fedex truck might still arrive at my house on Christmas Eve to deliver my copy of Baldur's Gate, when there was about 6 inches of ice covering every outdoor surface. Pretty sad.

Screenshot of Baldur's Gate found on the web.
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